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Why is Length of Stay important to me?

In selecting a hospital, look at the average length of stay (LOS) for the state as whole and compare it to the hospital you are considering. Keep in mind that only large differences are significant, so do not be concerned with slight differences in the rates.

Important things to consider:

  • If you use a hospital with a high LOS and your own stay is longer than average, talk to your physician or a hospital administrator about the reasons for the length of your stay.

  • Likewise, if you think you are being discharged early, discuss this with your physician or a hospital administrator. This can occur with any patient in any hospital, but you may want to be more observant in a hospital with a very high or low average LOS.

Disclaimer - The length of stay is just one factor to consider when selecting a hospital. Also keep in mind that differences in LOS between hospitals can vary for many reasons and may not always indicate a hospital's level of quality. You should visit and learn more about any hospital that you may use for services.