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Welcome to the Hospital Guide!

The Hospital Guide is a tool for comparing and monitoring performance in Maryland hospitals.

If you are a Patient, our Patient Guide helps you find a hospital that provides a high quality of care for a specific medical condition or to compare hospital performance.  Click any of the topics below to get started:

Heart Conditions
Lung Conditions
Other Conditions
Maternity Care
Newborn Care

If you are a Health Care Practitioner, The Practitioner Guide shows you where hospitals are performing well and where they can improve, as well as how you can provide quality care.

If you are a Hospital Leader, The Hospital Leaders Guide allows you to assess your hospital’s performance and verify the data reported on your hospital.

If you are interested in Pricing information, try the Maryland Hospital Pricing Guide.

The tabs in the top banner provide you access to the guides and the specific information. To get started, choose the guide that best reflects your interest.

Can’t find something? The search tool at the top of the page helps you locate information quickly.

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